SEO Tactics – 4 Amazingly Simple SEO Tactics For the New Small Online Business Owner

Are you a new online business owner? Do you classify yourself and your business as a small starter? If so, then you still need to employ smart SEO tactics to establish a strong Web presence. Doing this need not be expensive and it does not have to drain your resources. Here are some smart SEO tactics that you can sue on your own in order to give your online business a good start!

1. Article Marketing

You can provide your business some online exposure by making use of article marketing. Writing and publishing articles over the Web is easy to do. You can write quality articles that are related to your market, your product or your company and then post them around websites, blogs, and even free article directories.

2. Keyword Optimization

When you are creating content for your website, you have to make sure that the content is keyword optimized. You can make use of free keyword generation tools online and then strategically place them over your site and its content. Be careful not to over-optimize, though.

3. Linking

Over time, you will be establishing more contacts over the web. You can create external and internal links that can be useful for your business. You can link to and from other websites, articles, directories, and even blogs. Just make sure that you create links based on quality and not quantity.

4. Online Participation

It always helps to be friendly over the Web. You can establish contacts for prospective customers as well as other businessmen who can provide you help over time. You can do these by being active not only on your site but also in other online communities, forums, and networks.