Increase Your Profits With Local Search Marketing Using A Unique Business Marketing Online Strategy

Increasing your businesses sales and profits with local search marketing is essential to business owners like me and you.

If you want to grow your business with local search marketing, in a matter of a few short weeks or even days, then it is essential that you lean about a powerful strategy that SEO and marketing consultants would rather we didn’t know.

I fully understand the frustration you feel in your struggle with how to get more potential customers to visit your local business.

I’ve had a design and print business for eight years and though I was surviving the recession, I knew I should have been able to attract much more local business than I was able to but I wasn’t sure of how to transfer my offline marketing knowledge, which I had acquired over the last ten years, to take advantage of the local internet traffic in my business niche.

After months of researching and trying to implement various advice, I discovered a simple yet powerful business marketing online strategy, right under my nose, which changed everything and basically it was this…the vast majority of SEO and marketing companies, trying to sell you their over-priced-services, are only providing you with something you could easily do yourself!

What I had discovered was a simple local search marketing strategy which involves linking your business together using the freely available internet platforms of Facebook, Google Places, YouTube and WordPress.

This was the ‘secret’ I had been waiting for, and it has already began to significantly increase the number of prospects coming through the door and henceforth generated 200% more profits in a matter of a few short weeks and because I know you also want to improve your own small business online marketing, this is definitely good news for you.

Simply create a free account with Facebook, Google Places, YouTube and WordPress then point each platform to each other, with your business name and contact details displayed within and watch as the ‘link juice’ effect quickly begins to work its magic by rapidly bringing your business to the attention of local prospective customers, already looking for what you have to offer.

Hugh Scott, of Scott School Of Motoring said, “Even though I’m no marketing genius, I was able to instantly understand the strategy within the video and, as a result, I have quickly been able to implement it and generate up to 60% more profits within less than two weeks”

“I’ve had numerous contact from many companies offering to ‘get me on to the first page of Google’ for what sometimes appears to be an expensive risk on my part yet this, less than 30 minutes video, has put me on the profitable path of growing my business locally and I’m just glad I took the time out my busy schedule to watch it!”

The primary message I’m hoping you are receiving from this article is that, if you know your business is important enough to market locally and you get the opportunity to learn how do it yourself, starting with the help of a free video, then that is going to be highly preferable to paying a high service fee to most so called ‘experts’.