Free Business Advertising Online – 4 Top Ways to Advertise Your Business For Free on the Internet

Do you have a small business that needs advertising but your marketing budget had dried up? Lucky for you the Internet is a massive marketing tool and many of the top methods can be done for free! Free business advertising online requires some work on your part but the nature of the Internet gives your hard work the potential to reach a far wider audience than traditional marketing methods. Here are the top 4 free business advertising online techniques.

Top 4 Free Business Advertising Online Techniques

1. Article Marketing: This one will require the most work on your part, but can bring in huge amounts of business. Free business advertising online with articles requires you to write short articles that contain valuable, relevant information about your business. At the end you provide a link that will take them to your website or blog. You then submit your articles to the free online publishers. The trick here is to optimize your articles around good keyword phrases to get yourself found on the first page of Google.

2. Video Marketing: You can produce videos easily with your webcam. Again, focus them around good keyword phrases and provide relevant informative content. Upload to video sites like YouTube and provide your link within the video for people to find you. Your videos don’t have to be Oscar worthy; in fact you could just use your articles as a script.

3. Social Networking Sites: These sites are powerful free business advertising tools. They can be extremely effective if they are used properly. Create your profile then search for groups that are relevant to your business. Instead of only focusing on advertising, you want to invite people to be your friend and build relationships. Provide links to your articles and videos but most importantly, be social. People don’t want to feel like they are being “spammed” so let them come to you. Eventually they will be curious and click on your link or ask you about your business.

4. Free Online Classifieds: this is perhaps the most used and easiest free business advertising tool. There are hundreds of free online classified sites. Make sure you read the posting rules first and get your ad in the right spot. Pay attention to the title of your ad; people will use this to decide whether or not they are going to bother reading your ad. Using one site and placing one ad every few days is not going to do anything. You need to join as many sites as you can and post ads daily.

How To Get Free Methods To Work For You

Free business advertising online is easy to find but getting it to work for you is another issue. You need to understand how the search engines work and how to get your content on the first page of a Google search by using keyword phrases and proper optimization. If you want to improve the online presence of your business but don’t want to pay outrageous sums of money to have someone else take care of it you need to find an Online Marketing Mentoring School. A great one can teach you how to master online marketing and will coach you the entire way.