Beyond Black – Printing Color Business Cards Online

There are good reasons why business card holders go for black texts instead of using other colors. For one, black exudes plenty of characteristics that essential in business: professional, no-fuss and elegant. Secondly, black texts are easier to read than most if not all colored texts so there’s less chance of misreading contact details. The latter is especially important since business cards contain small fonts. If you are thinking of printing color business cards online, there are options that you can look into without sacrificing the advantages of black ink.

Playing with colors

Putting some more life into your business cards with the aid of colors can be made possible by ink and color options for online printing.

1. Ink

You don’t have to drop blank ink altogether. You can use black for the smaller texts and use color to highlight texts like your name and the company logo you are using.

Should you decide to do this, there are several inks that can give your business cards an instant makeover. You can go for flat solid colors like red, tangerine, blue, chocolate brown or green. Or, if you want to add a little bit more character, you can request for fluorescent inks which result to striking neon colors. Letters with sheen are, on the other hand, created with the use of metallic inks or pearlized inks.

Another method of coloring texts is thermography which does not just add hue but also adds texture to the letters. This is accomplished by heating resin powder on top of the texts. These then solidify into sort of shiny jelly-like letters that are raised so you can actually feel the letter forms when you pass your fingertips through it.

2. Color option

When you get into online printing, you may find a spec that would ask you to state the color option you want for your business cards. There’s 4/0 which mean you get full color front with blank back, this is much like the usual business cards, except that you can have the whole front panel printed with color to go with the black texts, say full-bleed yellow or pale green on the background.

There’s also 4/1 which means that the front panel is colored while the back is printed using blank ink only, whether they are just texts or if you want a full bleed black design at the rear panel. With 4/4, you get the advantage of full color on both front and back sides of the business card. This option gives you more freedom with the color play so you can stick to black texts but change the color of other elements like background, logo, addition of graphics and pictures, etc.

As much as black commands class, flair and readability, colors draw attention and create more mental retention. A little creativity without making the quality suffer can work to your advantage very much, especially if your goal is to make your business cards really stand out. Know your options before printing color business cards online.