Is an Online Business Degree The Best Option For You?

Online business degree programs are becoming more common at many colleges and universities these days. While traditional brick-and-mortar schools used to shy away from these, that’s not necessarily the case these days. In fact, both premier online universities and traditional educational institutions are offering online business degree programs, and it’s increasing the prestige of these degrees for students. And thanks to budget cuts in both state and federal funding, the number of schools offering these programs is only going to rise. After all, online programs are more cost-efficient for schools than traditional classes, so both students and schools are able to save money. But what about their prestige among employers? Do hiring managers care whether you went to class at night or completed your degree in your pajamas?

The answer is now a resounding no. There is less of a stigma with online universities offering online business degree programs for a number of reasons. One is that employers are realizing that more colleges and universities of all types are offering these degrees to students. They are prized for their flexibility, including by major employers including state and federal governments, where it enables employees to move up in the ranks. So as hiring managers became more aware of the new programs, and less leery of the online universities, students don’t have to worry about a stigma about programs as a whole.

On the other hand, just like traditional institutions, where you go for your online business degree program matters. After all, there are more prestigious institutions that are harder to get into, and ones that have relaxed admissions standards. Just like old online business degree programs, you still want to shoot for the highest ranked offerings that you can afford and where you can obtain admissions. That hasn’t changed, and aiming high can lead to more improved employment prospects when you complete it.

There are differences in online business degree programs that could affect your ability to succeed, however. After all, just like other online offerings, most of your studies are self-directed. You need to be able to follow along a syllabus and watch lectures and take notes on your own time. The benefit is that there is much more flexibility in terms of completing assignments and writing responses. But you need to be able to focus on your work and maintain your commitment.

If you do, however, you may have a leg up on other graduates of business degree programs. The reason is that you can highlight your ability to manage a stressful course of study along with your other responsibilities. It’s a great capstone to a rewarding degree.

The Working Professional’s Guide to Getting an Online Business Degree

Stop what you are doing right now and pull out your resume, what do you see? More importantly, what don’t you see? If you don’t have a business degree listed on there somewhere, then you are missing a golden credential to advance your career, improve your life, and earn more money. Business degrees can mean the difference between getting the job you want and settling for a job you don’t care about. They can mean the difference between thousands of dollars every year in your pay, and the type of lifestyle and freedom that you and your family deserve. Worried about how you will possibly get this magical document while still working full time? Fear not, you have discovered what a working professional can do to get their online business degree!

Getting an online business degree is actually way more convenient than it sounds. Don’t worry, you don’t have to shun all your responsibilities, leave your job, and move into a dormitory; thanks to the wonderful world of online courses, you can start earning your improved credentials right now from the comfort of your own home. There are no classes to commute to; all the work, from the lectures to the group projects to the assignments, can be done from your workstation, home office, or mobile device on your time. That means you can be listening to your lectures while you are switching a load of laundry or connecting with your classmates while you are on the commuter train into work.

While the convenience of this type of program makes it very accessible for working professionals, it does require you to be disciplined with getting the work done. A business program that you can slip seamlessly into your current schedule is only worth its weight in gold if you make the time to actually slip it in. Some tips for ensuring you get your coursework in on time and move slowly through your curriculum include blocking out regular time during the week and weekend to devote to your classes, join an online study group and attend it faithfully, and give yourself enough time to get work done so you aren’t cramming it all in at the last minute.

Another essential element of getting an online degree while working is to have an honest discussion with your family, friends, and coworkers about your goals so they can support you and respect your limits. It is a lot easier to stick to working on your classes Saturday mornings if your children aren’t begging you to take them to the ice rink; sit them down and make them aware of your commitments and ask for their help accomplishing your goals. While you have to do your coursework alone, you don’t need to needlessly fight other people’s expectations on top of it!

Reaching out to family and committing to getting your work done on time are just a few tips to help guide you through your experience with an online business degree as a working professional. Remember that online courses were designed with individuals just like you in mind and are meant to be completed while working full time. Just don’t be afraid to reach out for support from your personal, professional, and scholastic network when you need help. You will be surprised how many people will be behind you and ready to help you achieve your goals once you start to make them a reality!

Why Print Business Cards Online

Business cards have long been a popular form of advertising. Everywhere you go, people can be seen passing them to others. So, if you have something you need to advertise, why not use them? After all, everyone else is.

Convenience And Price:

One of the big reasons to use them is that they’re convenient and cheap to print. You can print them on your own at home, of course. For a higher quality, though, you really should go through an online print company.


One of the reasons that using an online print company to print business cards is such a good idea is that many of them offer free business card templates. Think of those templates as being a bit like cookie cutters. They can give you some great ideas about colors, shapes, patterns and general eye-catching business card layouts. So, they’re definitely worth using.

The Best Design:

Printing your own business cards may work sometimes, but home printers just don’t get the quality that professional print companies can offer. So, if you’re serious about your business, it’s important to put your best foot forward with a professional design.

Online Print Companies:

There are a couple of great things about online print companies. One is that they’re very convenient. Most areas don’t have many printing facilities. By using the Internet, though, you can use a service from anywhere you like. So, your printing options aren’t limited by your location.

Another big advantage is the cost. Since you can shop for a print company online, you can find some great deals. In fact, many companies offer deals that are only good for online orders.

Also, buying online offers a unique opportunity for you. On the Internet, you can easily compare one print company with another. You can even read unbiased reviews of each one that will help you make your choice. Be sure to visit websites and forums to help you figure it out.

Bulk Printing:

When you do order business cards from online print companies, consider buying in bulk. More often than not, bulk printings cost less per card than small printings. So, it makes sense to buy many cards at a time, if you really want to get the most out of your advertising.

Compare Services:

Before you pick a print company, as mentioned earlier, you can compare services and options that each offers. For example, some print companies may offer free samples. Some may only print single-sided cards, while others print dual-sided. Some may print in full color and others may not. Those are all things to consider.

A final thing to consider about printing business cards online is that some companies have support staff. Those staff members are on hand to help you come up with the very best designs possible. They may be able to suggest things that will make your cards even more effective. So, be sure to take advantage of such services, if possible.

The 7 Vital Ingredients To Maximizing Your Offline Business And Online Business

No matter what it is that you sell there are more people on the internet to buy than can ever walk through your door. Does that mean that I think you should close your doors and just operate online? No I believe that there are some huge advantages to combining the strengths of both channels.

That was Barnes and Noble’s biggest mistake when Amazon was just a small online bookstore that was bleeding cash. If Barnes and Noble had focused on their strength in brick and mortar locations and combined their “clicks with their bricks” they would be the largest online bookseller today and Amazon would be gone or limping along.

What are these 7 vital ingredients that I’m talking about?

1. You get to look a customer in the eye and ask them questions.

There are some amazing analytics tools available on the internet for tracking and surveying customers in my opinion they still are not a substitute for years of looking a customer in the eye, asking them questions and watching their response.

2. Many people still like the idea of going into a store.

The shopping experience is changing, but retail stores will not go away for a long, long time. I appreciate the convenience of the web for items that I know I want. But when I want to browse nothing beats a funky little store.

3. You can send people from your retail location to your online store.

This is a great marketing channel. You can have a slightly different inventory available online.

4. Your local clients will tell their out of town friends.

If you do a good job of servicing your local clients they will evangelize you to their friends. You can even provide incentive to those that bring you new customers.

5. You can form a relationship with your customers.

This is similar to #1 but the differences are that you will see them at church the ball games etc. They will see you as a real person, and probably refer to you as your business. You’ll be the furniture guy or jewelry lady, but it will make a difference in your business.

6. In store Pickup

This is especially strong if you have multiple locations – like Barnes and Noble had. You can allow people to pay for their items online and pick them up in your store. This will give you another chance to upsell to them. And there is nothing better than upselling someone who is picking something up that they already paid for because they feel like they are getting a gift.

7. In store returns

Yes, none of us likes to take returns. But there are some great advantages to having them return it to your store. First it gives you the chance to find why they really returned it. Rarely will you get the real answer online. Second it gives you a chance to change it into an exchange or upselling them something else.